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The Thy family and their 6 children, Reaksmey (F - 13 years old), Maraka (M - 11 years old), Rachana (F - 8 years old), Tola (F - 5 years old), Panha (M - 4 years old) and BrosPov (M - 2.5 years old) were spotted by the team and have been receiving food and medical support from the association for the past two weeks.

The parents worked on construction sites until the beginning of the health crisis. Since then, they've earned very little, when they get a few hours' work from the local fishermen. The situation of this family has deteriorated in recent months, following the reinforced lockdowns, and they now find themselves in a situation of extreme poverty: the children can't get enough to eat, and the whole family lives in insalubrious housing.

We need your support to help all these families trapped in this health and economic crisis! Every donation counts! Thank you for your support 🙏…/covid-19-aide-alimentaire…

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