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22 April 2021, Happy International Mother Earth Day!

This year more than ever before, we want to play our part at Klang Leu in saving our beautiful planet. By reducing our waste, ensuring less pollution and encouraging a healthier eco-system, we have been making a difference to the environment and to our community too.
Simple efforts like us offering every child at Klang Leu the opportunity to refill their water bottle whenever they need to will reduce the amount of plastic waste by more than 2,000 plastic bottles per year.
We have also installed a compost bin and are working hard to diversify in the fruits and vegetables grown in our vegetable garden. These are easy ways the team at Klang Leu can go green.

As our children still haven’t been able to return to school nor to the Centre due to the rise of Covid-19 cases in Cambodia, more time has been spent in the garden and what an impact it has made! Our team is busy preparing dozens of healthy lunch boxes with home grown produce for our children on a daily basis.

Some news updates from last month:

Covid-19 in Cambodia: general lockdown, quarantine, curfew and food

Since 24 February, the number of Covid-19 cases have sadly risen throughout Cambodia resulting in all centres and daycare centres including Klang Leu having to close for 2 months. All group gatherings are banned.
Despite, no detected cases in our neighbourhood nor amongst the families we support, the Government’s protection and social distancing measures are still being enforced together with strict quarantine and lockdown regulations. This has had a dramatic impact on our community.

In Cambodia, hunger is worse than Covid-19! One extra ton of rice is
distributed in a few days!

Unfortunately, the impact of the pandemic has led to many local families not having enough food to eat. As well as our team preparing daily healthy lunch boxes for children visiting the Centre, they have also been distributing vital food more widely to needy families.
An additional 27 families living in extreme poverty in Klang Leu have been supported with essential food being shared. A staggering 1 ton of rice has been distributed in just a few days!
This is where we need your support NOW to feed more children and their families who can’t afford to meet their basic needs.

Every donation, whatever the amount, will make a huge difference!

To contribute to the food distribution, follow this link:

Gwenaëlle, our hero of the month is available for coaching, to support
Les Enfants de Klang Leu!

Often, we are asked « How can I help EKL remotely collect funds and support its actions? »
The answer is always simple – « Use your talents, focus on your passion be it reading, baking,
music or sport and use your creativity to support the Charity” like our wonderful supporter,
Training to be a professional coach, Gwenaëlle has kindly agreed to donate all of her coaching fees needed to gain her ICF certification to Klang Leu. What an amazing gesture and such a great way to support the children of Klang Leu.
Gwenaëlle offers her expertise to coach you. If you would like help with a personal issue or with a professional project, or any matter related to a change in your life, just contact her.
Thanks to her training and her past professional and personal experience, Gwenaëlle can offer support online or in person.

To contact her:
WhatsApp +65 9138 8671

Our Annual Report 2020 is now available!

We are delighted to share with you our 2020 Annual Report covering all our activities during this challenging year as well as our exciting plans and budget for 2021. This has only been possible thanks to you all.
A huge thank you for your continuous support and looking forward to a great 2021 together!

To read our annual report in English, follow the link:

How you can support the children of Klang Leu?

Why not organise an event in your area with friends?
Do you have an idea or a project to help the charity?
Make a donation online?
Or do you want to join us and live a wonderful human experience?

See you soon!


Florence and Fabienne

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